Thursday, August 29, 2013

Top Notch Interview

okay so Crystal just texted me my challenge at 11 pm. I think that having it done by midnight is not overly likely but on the record its 11:23 pm and I am starting so no punishment needed.

She challenged me to find four celebrity interviews of 4 different celebrities that I like. See I have a lot of favourites because for some reason I just spend all my time watching interviews. Who knows why, its just what I do.

Okay so I have been searching for one particular video for like ten minutes and its no where to be found on youtube which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Also, how in goodness' name do I even put youtube videos in this contraction. Damn I have no clue.

Maybeeeee I found it.

OKAY! We are in business.

To start, this is just a short clip of the How I met Your Mother cast where Neil Patrick Harris leaves in the middle of the interview to go pee. Classic.

This video is Will Smith and his kid and then they start singing. Sounds iffy, but stay invested because a very special guest or two from one of the best shows ever join in and its amazing.

The first part of this. Jennifer Lawrence is the best. She meets Jack Nicholson and hilarity ensues. Essentially she asks to be his girlfriend and then fangirls over him. Love it.

Grammie and Grampie, maybe don't watch this one. This is Russell Brand. He is so funny in interviews. Him plus Craig Ferguson whom I love, it just is so fast and so crazy and so strange.

BONUS VIDEO! I love these two girls. They sing songs on Ellen and she sends them to all the red carpets to interview people. This one I enjoy because Chris Pine. That's enough of a reason right?

BAM. Challenge done! 12:05 but I am giving myself that becuase come on. Also I had to find a button thing to add youtube videos.

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