Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moustache Wizard Island


Crystal it is time for you to find out what your 4th challenge will be! Aren't you excited? I sure am. Okay here it goes. It starts with a short story.

So you are on a boat, and as we read before, you are a little nervous because you don't really trust water travel. So you are traveling with these pirate type guys and one is all: "Why is a pirate called a pirate?", and you are all like, "why?" and he's all "BECAUSE THEY AAARRRR". Then, out of no where a storm hits! The crew makes you go inside and you hide in a small closet and pray to the good lord Freddie that you can make it somewhere safely. As you sit quietly mumbling your prayers under a collection of coats and sweaters, something heavy falls and drops on your head. You grab it and look at it, a small jar.


So you notice a weird glowing substance floating in the jar and you are all, "WTF" and open it. Out pops a wizard!

moustache wizardAnd now the wizard starts talking, "I AM THE GREAT MOUSTACHE WIZARD OF THE JAR!" and you stand up and open the door to the closet and step out of the closet because it is not very close quarters with his cape being so majestic, and you ask him if he can get you off the boat and to safety. He explains, "Well I have the power to bring you to an island I own, it is not your home but I can give you the opportunity to bring a designated number of things to the island with you. And at this point the boat crashes into something and you hear crew members screaming to get the life boats and you decide it's better than spending the next several days in life boats with a bunch of boat folks before dying from dehydration, so you agree. The wizard casts a spell and transports you to the most beautiful island you have ever seen. On this island is a beautiful mansion that has all the luxuries you could ever hope for, swimming pool, library, a room full of puppies, and it all sounds great. But you instantly start to feel lonely and realize that you are going to be alone with this whimsical moustache wizard forever.

He sees you looking distraught and tells you to relax, you will have the opportunity to pick the following things to bring to the island with you:

  • 5 people you know

  • 5 celebrities

  • 5 TV Series on DVD

  • 5 movies

  • 5 books

  • 5 CDs

  • 5 types of food

  • 5 types of drinks

So your challenge is, to tell the wizard and the rest of us what it is that you want on your magical island. ENJOY.

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