Monday, August 27, 2012


I am offically 24 years old now. I know yesterday was my birthday but I don't think I was born until 9pm so it wasn't really a full day. Also I didn't post anything yesterday so shh. In celebration of that the day in which I aged another year, I shall attempt to think up 24 facts about me for you to know.

  1. I really LOVE Batman. The Adam West Batman is my very favourite. It's just too epic not to love. This is obvious, but whatever..
  2. I was raised by a Trekkie, so everytime I see things like "pages 7 of 9" I giggle. Also if there is the word Data I giggle.
      1.   I didn't even really watch the show.
  3. When my dog had puppies 12 years ago, she had 9 of them. I named my favourite Seven because I thought it was clever. Although he was a boy.
  4. Despite what you may think, I am actually a very hard worker. I just happen to get my work done TOO fast and then there is none left.
  5. I hate cooking
  6. I hate doing laundry
  7. I don't mind baking sometimes if it isn't too complicated and there aren't too many dishes involved
  8. I started my comic book collection just this year because DC reset everything so I could jump in easier. I now collect Batman, Justice League and Detective Comics. I have Batgirl too but I haven't read any yet.
  9. I no longer drink caffiene on a regular basis. I used to be addicted (legitimately, would have withdrawal symptoms in the mornings without it) to diet coke and would need to drink disgusting quanities. I now drink diet 7up and should probably work on giving that up because in all honesty aspertame is probably not so great.
  10. I think that back to school shopping is the best. I love buying new binders and pens and blue pencils every year. So much so that I bought a couple things this year even though I am done school.
  11. I don't think pandas look real. They look like people in a panda suit.
  12. I really want a pug and I am so close to getting one even though its probably a bad plan.
  13. I like to go walking in the rain a lot.
  14. I always get a kick out of people sneezing really loudly in stores when you can hear them three aisles over.
  15. The first big super hero movie I remember watching (Other than the reruns of batman on TV) was Xmen. I went with my friend from elementary school when she visited after moving to Halifax. We got a free comic book and I still have it. It is actually out in my office right on my shelf. Needless to say, I fell in love with super heroes.
  16. I am beyond excited for the Avengers to come out on DVD. I am going to acquire the one with the most special features. I think Crystal wants to get it for me for my birthday but that seems like a lot to ask for...
  17. I try to carry a notebook with me everywhere I go just in case I have an idea. Also, my cellphone has a little notepad app in case I don't have a pen.
  18. I have a strange love of elephants. I find them very comforting and calming.
  19. I love walking through forrests.
  20. I have an anxiety disorder so I have really stupid panic attacks over really stupid things, even things I love like walking in forrests. Its crazy annoying.
  21. I want to meet Adam West and get his autograph.
  22. I have grown impatient in my job and cannot tollerate the stpuidity from some of my coworkers. I can no longer keep my "customer service face" on and pretty much just give a confused and displeased face everytime certain people speak to me. Luckily they are too dumb to notice.
  23. I kind of want to move to BC. Even though I have never been there, I am pretty sure that is where I want to live some day.
  24. It takes about 90% of my daily energy to simmply get to and stay at work because I hate it so much. Only two more weeks though! I am so excited it hurts in my chest. Although that could be a heart murmur. Its not decided yet.
So theres twenty four things for you. Lists are kind of fun. I don't think these things make sense as a list. But thats how it becoems a list, because I don't make sense, my brain doesn't think in patterns that make sense so then you get random lists like this and that is probably why you are reading this, because you are also bored at work and trying to convince your brain you need money to live.


  1. #14 is totally my fault as I always found it totally hysterical and probably passed on that "gene" to you ! atchoooooooooooo!!!!!!! LOL

  2. Im with you on #14 too... I ALWAYS giggle!
    There are just some things you should laugh at... like the little shhllooppp sound that tomatoe soup makes when all of it comes out of the can at once... giggleworthy :)


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