Monday, August 20, 2012

Super Hero Weekend

So I was watching the Fantastic Four last night because I had never seen it and that seemed highly unlike me. However, the first thing I noticed was the logo. It looked remarkably similar to the Avengers logo. I mean not 100% but at a quick glance they looked pretty close.

Fantastic 4


 Well the Fantastic 4 was mediocre I suppose. I mean I watched the whole thing, but it didn't seem to make a lot of sense. Also, that guy built of rocks got over his wife super fast to date that good looking blind lady. Even though it wasn't the greatest movie it still made me wish I was a superhero. Maybe not any of them, although being able to fly would kick ass, and so would being invisible. But she never really seemed to get control of it which is just embarrassing so I would still rather be Batgirl, Catwoman, or one of the Xmen, or anyone else. The fantastic four were kind of not the best super heroes out there. Kind of like the B team. But more so like the D team. Because you have the Avengers, the Justice League and the Xmen, I don't think I could delegate A, B, or C so they are all the A team. and then The fantastic four just go after them somewhere. Luckily, the best part of fantastic four made it into the avengers as a completely different person from a completely different era and has a completely different attitude, but he did keep the tight pants. Way to go Johnny Storm, I mean Captain America. Good call.

In other superhero news, I finally took Dave to go see the new Batman movie. I had already seen it at the midnight showing but it was perhaps even better the second time. Bane's voice wasn't as startling in the beginning because I was expecting it, and I didn't feel as bad hating the "Miranda Tate" lady because I knew what was about to go down. I didn't like her at all from the beginning. She was a rude and pompous jerk, and I don't really think was worth waiting for. (I read somewhere that they had to wait for her because she was pregnant but Chris Nolan was all "it has to be her") I didn't find her impressive in the least. Especially her last scene.

I like Anne Hathaway in this a lot. I am sure some people don't but I pretty much love her in everything she is in. I also wish I looked the way she does in that movie, minus all the effort because I couldn't give up all the things she probably had to in order to look like that... Like eating. I don't know that I could give that up.

The only problem with going to see this movie is that since that asshole thought it would be great to ruin one of the few places where people can have fun and shoot up Colorado at the same time I was in the theater here (no where near Colorado) it kind of scares you. And by kind of, I mean that I have an anxiety disorder so no matter what my logic knows my crazy half sits there panicking every time someone stands up to pee. It didn't really spoil the movie but I was kind of watching around the room the entire time. Vigilantly staring down the old man and woman in front of me who kept shifting in her seat and blocking the bottom of the screen. Those old people can be tricky sometimes.

I wish it wasn't Monday. Today I must look for jobs I guess because I don't have any emails yet with things to do. I am sure I will have some exciting stapling and collating later though. 3 more weeks and I am gone! By gone, I mean unemployed. This isn't going to be good.

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  1. I feel like telling you my anxiety for being in the theater helped to escalate your anxiety about it as well. Getting nervous any time someone has to pee was hell.

    Did Dave like the movie?

    (also, I don't think I ever really want to watch fantastic four now. You generally have an excellent sense of movies, and we tend to have the same taste, so mediocre superheroes can stay on the shelf, and I'll re-watch Batman until my nose bleeds)

    I have to focus on my heritage project today, but really I'm stressing out, because it's what I do. YAY :|


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