Monday, August 13, 2012

Migranes and Comfort Food

Well, it happened. Dave got his first migraine. Now, anyone who has had one would say "oh that shit's serious don't joke about that shit!" Well too bad I get migraines about twice a month so its totally okay if I talk about it. Besides I wasn't going to joke about it because migraines suck and even though Dave will likely never read this, he would probably send his attack-dog at me.

 One second she is classy.
The next she will rip your nose off.

Anyways, he had a migraine and because I am the best girlfriend in the universe and not at all because I am a hungry chubby-girl who is in need of comfort food I am making a second batch of those cookie-brownie-peanut butter cups snacks. This time his feature tiny peanut butter cups on top as well because he wanted them. I think the cure to migraines is an over dose of sugar and peanut butter right?

I took more pictures of the steps in case you want to see. I will probably post tomorrow because I have posted so many times today that you probably think I am crazy and accomplish nothing in my normal life. I swear I totally get all my work done and then some. I am THAT good.

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