Thursday, August 23, 2012

The After-Lunch Blues

Does anyone else feel like their productivity declines after lunch?

I know of a few who also feel the same, however I was wondering if this was a big phenomenon .

It doesn't make a super amount of sense to me even though it happens to me. I tend to get a bunch of work done when I get here at 7, and then I slow down for a while because no one else is at work yet so they haven't sent me anything to do. Then they send me things and I get them done just before lunch. Then its snack time and that's nice. After it usually isn't until an hour after generally accepted lunch hour ends that I start to get anything else, and even still its never anything big. Then I leave really early in the day so I don't see the 4:00 pm rush, and I just deal with it at 7 the next day.

The problem with this is, I am a million times more alert in the afternoon then the evening. Yes, of course I just want to go home but I have a bigger attention span later in the day.

I have even tested it before, and if I get the same amount of sleep going to bed at 9pm until whenever, I will be more tired then if I get an hour or two less going to bed at 1am. I just sleep better later at night and its horribly inconvenient when you have to wake up at 5:15am.

In other news, the lady at Tim Horton's officially knows what I get. Which means I need to stop going there because that is embarrassing. I am pretty sure all the Tim Horton's people are all giggling at the chubby girl with big hair coming in to buy her snacks everyday, sometimes twice a day.  This is why my pants are snug. Stupid common sense, start working harder and make me crave celery. You lazy bastard.

Evil Chocolate Chip Muffin - so addictive, so delicious.

Almost time to try to go to another Tim's so they won't learn my face!

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