Monday, August 27, 2012

Reality TV

Good morning!

So I didn't really post at all this weekend because I am lazy. Also, I wasn't ever really home alone long enough to access the clever portions of my brain. I tried to get a post ready last night to display the awesome birthday gift my grandparents got me, I had pictures ready and everything but then as it turns out Dave, the lovely Dave, took the memory card out of my camera and left it at work without telling me. I don't have a USB cord for it so now my pictures are stuck on the internal memory and I don't know if I can move them or not. When he brings me back my memory card I will try because I had taken so many and I really don't want to redo it.

2 more weeks of work left. I might explode before then however I will try very hard not to because I assume the mess would be unpleasant.

If I don't fall asleep at my desk today then I think we can consider today a success. I am so exhausted its ridiculous.

Yesterday I was watching the Truman Show. Do I ever miss Jim Carrey. He is so excellent and delightful. That movie is very freaky. How would I react if I found out I was in some reality TV show against my will? None too pleased. However I can pretty much guarantee that's not the case because nothing exciting really happens to me.

The thing with the Truman Show, and I could be wrong but I think it came out before all the Survivors, and Big Brothers and etc came out. It was pretty much meant as a warning to respect peoples privacy. Instead it inspired a generation of television. Bad television. I am guilty of watching some reality TV shows, mostly because its summer and there is nothing else on, but they are really not the best thing for TV.

Later in the evening Dave and I watched the Hunger Games. Now I have read the books and I loved them, and I had already seen the movie but re-watching it is such a reminder to see how our world will end up one day if they don't get rid of the Kardashians now and forever more. The Kardashians are going to bring rise to the terrible death match on TV that the Hunger Games tries to advise against. I really don't know how, but if any reality TV show could do it, it would be them.

Anyways, that's what I was thinking about while I had a day filled of movies advising against reality TV, then spending my evening watching Big Brother. Oh the irony.

PS, Today is going to go one of two ways : I will either be posting a lot to try to stay awake, or I will fall asleep in five minutes and you won't hear from me for days because I was  dragged off by protective night wolves to sleep in a napping den.

It would be nicer if they didn't have to drag me by my hair.. its never very comfortable. Luckily I am too tired to even notice today.

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