Friday, August 24, 2012


A very in depth posting about the coolest birthday present that my grandparents got for me is coming soon. It needs more attention then what I am capable of right now. You should all be very excited because its just about the best thing ever that anyone could ever give me. (Except my dog Sable because clearly she is the greatest and will never be replaced.)

Other than that, I am not at work today.

I went over to the new Walmart to stock up on snacks for Crystal and Tanya's Binge Fest 2012 (aka my birthday). I picked up chips, ice cream, cookies, and swoodle ingredients. So basically the plan for tonight is gain twenty pounds and play a lot of lego batman 2. Jealous? I thought so. You will only be more jealous when you see what my grandparents got me.

While I was at Walmart I went to look at printers because I am having issues with trying to order certain things in my store. I made a card with Yoda on it and they won't let me print it because they apparently care about peoples copyright laws. Babies. So I looked at printers for a while before asking someone for help. He knew nothing and was useless. But, he did mention that their Epson stock was being removed but that Canon was okay. I think that Epson might be okay because thats what we used in photography school, however I didn't want to purchase something that I couldn't buy ink for in two months. I picked up the Canon one and was kind of hesitant because of the 89.99$ price tag. The last time I bought a printer, it was 19.99, but it didn't work at all and just resulted in me sending various angry emails to HP so I wanted to actually invest in a good one.  I went through the cash and passed the cashier my printer and when she scanend it, the best thing ever: $39.99. It had no sale sticker, it was marked right on the shelf because there wasn't even a 40$ printer at all. So it was basically just the best day.

Anyways, that was a long and winded story to say I got a printer that just magically became 50$ cheaper. I couldn't be happier. Nothing brightens up a trip to Walmart like a 50$ unexpected discount.  Also, it worked really well and the set up wasn't hard. It is also wireless so that it convenient. I already made my greeting cards that weren't allowed for those afraid of George Lucas. I am not. I could take him.

I don't have a drawing for you right now... Oh you know what I will show you the Yoda I drew that my store won't make for me! This whole post is really boring, but I am saving all my creativity for my post later with my gift. I think you will like it, I think it will be excellent.

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