Friday, August 17, 2012

Sleep Walking Ninjas and Pugs

I think I have an obsession with graphs? How can I have hated Statistic class so much when I enjoy graphs this much? I honestly think that half of the reason I managed to win Nano last November was because the graph would mock me should it not be impressive enough. I showed it.

Anyways, how is everyone today? I am really bored so far but that's not so bad I guess. I am also really excessively tired.

I found out why, apparently last night I woke up a lot and was yelling at the room. For people who sleep-talk, or live with someone who does this is normal and nothing exciting. For those who know nothing of sleep talk they will think I am crazy. You are both right. I am nothing exciting but I am fairly crazy. getting worse by the day.

Anyways, I often go to bed before Dave because I have to wake up at 5am for work. Then he comes in a few hours later and scares the living hell out of me causing me to sit up and gasp as though I am being murdered. I never remember any of this.

I blame him for this. he is not quiet or delicate in the least. Of course its going to scare me if hes stomping around.

He should just be pleased I provide him with entertainment throughout the evening. I sacrifice my sleep for him to get a small chuckle in the evenings. I am a hero. Sort of.

Anyways, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep because for some stupid reason all I could think about was all these funny stories I could tell you, and then I was getting angry that I could never remember them in the morning. Then I was like well duh, write them down now. So I grabbed my phone and tried to jot them down in the note pad thing but by the time I did all that my stories vanished from my memory.

I am much more of a night person. I love to stay up late. It is by far the most productive time of the day for me. I dislike 5 am so much, unless 5 am was bed time then that would be fine.

I think for now on I need to keep some nunchucks under my pillow so that Dave's show can be more impressive. Instead of just having to tell me to calm down, he will have to fight a sleep-walking ninja, then his story will become much more impressive and I will be even more of a hero. See all the sacrifices I make for you Dave? See how I deserve an award for selflessness? You are one lucky man.

Oh, also I still need birthday gift suggestions because I have received zero. Well, my friend told me to get a pug instead of a wiener dog, which led to much Pug googling and then I couldn't think of a reason not to get one even though I know there's many. I did tell Dave, but he said he was going to be busy a lot for the next little while so that might not be wise. Which I knew it wasn't, but it doesn't mean I don't want one.
 No Internet, I don't know why I don't have one already. I really don't know.

"Goodnight Nunchucks - look for them in a store near you!"

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