Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jenny, Dylan and Brandon.

I just watched the 90s die a small death.

I just saw a commercial for Old Navy jeans, and it was staring Jennie Garth.

Then out of no where, Luke Perry and Jason Priestley show up and my insides cried a little.

So, there I sat watching the characters of a 90s show my mom watched (so hence forth i watched even though it was way inappropriate for my age) and was kind of sad. First of all, because this is what has happened to Luke Perry. He was the shit in the 90s. Now he is selling mediocre jeans. Second of all, I hope Old Navy realizes that their key demographic has no clue who those three people are or why the choice between those boys is at all relevant.. Poor old navy. You need a younger marketing team. Although I really do need jeans. Point marketing team.

I don't have a picture for you because I am in the living room and I have no post-its and my tablets too far and not set up for this computer. I will give you a random picture in a few minutes or a whole bunch tomorrow. I just thought you needed to see this ad.

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