Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am in a bad mood today so everything is pissing me off.

Here is a conversation I had with the Dragon Lady today: (Context, she asked me to give something to her boss when he hung up his phone.)

DL - "Did you, have you, could, could you, did you have the chance, were you able, did he get, how did, when, wh-"
Me- "Yes."

She stood in front of me babbling for so long just to ask if I handed him something that hardly even mattered. If I ever waited for her to finish a sentence before I answered pigs would have evolved to have thumbs and started learning how to operate helicopters.

Its okay that I interrupted her, because its asshole day and because she does this everyday. I feel bad being mean to her sometimes, but it gets a bit absurd. This is one example, I see her like 20 times a day in which every time I have to wait for her to start twelve sentences before she moves onto a verb. Its exhausting.

I am not posting very much today, I am so drained from this place. As the week goes on it sucks too much out of you and you lose all creative portions of your mind. I will do my best though!

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