Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brownies, Cookies, and Nerdiness

Good afternoon readers,

I am very sorry that I missed my first day of posting yesterday however I promise it was for a good cause.

When I went away to Nova Scotia, I left my dog Sable with my sister. In return for Sandy taking in my lovely hair-monster, she was to be rewarded with some baked goods. They were originally going to be Costco cookies because those are better then anything I can make as my cooking skills are so lack luster its sad.

However, Sandy discovered something.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

Yes, they do look delicious. And so Sandy convinced me that we could bake these together (henceforth relieving my I-will-burn-my-house-down-if-try-to-bake-alone stres) and that not only shall we bake them together, but we will invite the lovely Crystal to come with us as our resident cookie/baking expert. The three of us together can only mean one thing: Binge eating and Nintendo.

So here are some pictures of us baking these treats!

So, needless to say they turned out amazing. However, we made the discovery that with the whole peanut butter cup inside it is apparently a little bit too much. See, I don't like peanut butter. I know that is weird but I don't care I really hate the stuff. So to have some for me to eat and for testing purposes we made half with peanut butter cups and half without. Sandy and Crystal both enjoyed the pieces with peanut butter cups but after tasting the ones without the evil peanut butter they agreed it was less overwhelming and more delicious.

However it is completely to taste because we gave one to my mother and she seemed to love it. I think perhaps a key fact that I observed which could be the reason for her enjoyment of the peanut butter inside was that she took tiny bites compared to Sandy and Crystals. Mom was trying to savour it because she only had one, where Crystal, Sandy and I devoured ours because we had the whole pan in front of us. So maybe because there would be less evil peanut butter at a time it was better? Either way I will be for sure making these again.

The best part is I can totally make them alone. You just need pilsbury cookie dough, and brownie mix. The brownie mix we used was the low fat betty crocker because all it needs is one egg and a third of a cup of water and then you stir. Its actually my very favourite brownie mix even though its "low fat". (However I thin kit may not count if you eat the whole pan but let's not discuss that problem today.)

Any ways, we had an awesome day of baking, chatting, nerding out and nintendo. I think Sandy sometimes forgets how nerdy me and Crystal have become over the years... I don't think anyone can fully handle how nerdy I have become. I get really excited over really strange things and I refuse to tone it down despite the strange looks I get.

I am nerdy and proud!

I do however need to get onto a treadmill ASAP because my nerdy ass is getting large from all these brownie cookies.

(PS- Zantac is an antacid not an antidepressant. although in all honesty either would work in this situation)

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  1. Now that I have had a day to digest... I definately think we should have made the second pan. I absolutely want MORE!!! mmmmmmmm......


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