Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank you Puppy

I forgot to tell you about what happened to me on Friday.

As a stand up citizen waiting for my bus in the wind, I saw an older man's fancy hat go flying. Now I was downtown and people here can't even be bothered to get a suit in their size let alone a fancy stylish hat, so this hat seemed extra important. I knew the attachment to hats as I myself love them. I never wear them because I think you need a great deal of confidence and self-esteem to pull off wearing a hat and I possess neither of those things.

Anyways, as the old man's hat flew towards me I leapt into the air and completed a double back flip to catch it. (double back flip is code for couldn't really catch it but managed to knock it onto the ground and proceed to chase after it for a minute with the wind blowing it away.)

So once I had this hat I turned to return it to its classy owner. I smiled and said "Here you go sir" and he said "F%?@ you" ... not actually but he didn't even smile which is about 90% the same thing. .

He didn't even say any of the things I was hoping for.

There was no "Thank you! Here is a 100$ bill with Kate Goslin on it!" and there was no "Oh you saved my classy hat! Please take this free Pug puppy as a payment for your vigilante-style attitude."

So needless to say I am horribly disappointed in the city's hat wearing population. They could at least say thank you or give me a puppy. I would prefer the puppy but I will accept the thank you.

Common Courtesy People.

Please, Thank you, Excuse me, Here's a Puppy. The simple rules of courtesy.

Thank you puppies: The next big thing.
(Please don't actually give puppies to people who can't handle them? Then they go to the shelters and then Sarah McLaughclan has to
make people sad with her commercials and then no one wins.... Only I may receive Thank you Puppies. And just one Pug.) 

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  1. people just aren't chivalrous. That, along with most positive qualities, get sucked away by working government jobs.

    You're blogging an awful lot today.


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