Saturday, August 18, 2012

FBI and Candy

So this morning I woke up and this was in my front yard:

Its safe to say there are only two potential reasons for this to be in my yard:
1.I am about to be kidnapped
2. The FBI is watching me.

Those are the only options.

No not really. For some reason my mother left it here. I don't know why at all but it apparently will be there for a few days. I think I might write "Free Candy" on it so the young parents on the block can train their children of the potential dangers. Your welcome families.

My town must love me.

1 comment:

  1. TOTALLY laughed out loud in my office and now they really think I'm crazy LOL !! We did tell Dave that we were leaving it there so we didn't have to drive it back and forth to Eganville...(the rental company charges for mileage) The FBI is watching you ... yep... that's definitely a reasonable option LOL LOL !!!


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