Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Job, Check

So, I got a new job. It sounds about ten times more boring then this one and it will pay me less money. Luckily the contracts only for a month and its in a different department. To most people that probably sounds bad, but a month from now I might have the motivation to take some time off and work on my writing more. I am sure it would be really unfavourable to my bank account, but I can't keep saying I want to be a write and never actually try. i am probably rushing into this, it probably won't ever happen so at least for another month I will have access to money.

And it will be away from the Leprechaun and the Dragon Lady so we will be all good.

Other than that, I really need to get back on my diet. Eating chocolate chip muffins every day is not beneficial to my waist line.

Oh, Sandy said the expression I was looking for was "the blind leading the blind". Damn slender sister is even smart. Unfair distribution of talents parents. Just kidding... she can't ... well I tried to think of something I can do better then her and nothing came up. I do have less weird feet then her, and bigger, her feet are strangely tiny. But that's not really her fault. And in her defence, my feet are pretty weird anyways and click when I walk because I have old lady joints.

Anyways, continuing on.

This is not a very exciting post but I thought I would let you (by you I mean you Grammie and Grampie... I'm not homeless yet!) know that I got a job that should start either Sept. 10th or the following week.

Oh, soon I will do an Q&A. If you have any questions for me submit them soon. Yes Mother I will tell you what happens to my drawings. Everyone else, ask me questions so its not just the one question. Strangers ask away! The sooner I get some questions the sooner my mother will know where the pictures go.

Like this one!

So leave a question in the comments! When I get at least 3-5 I will start answering them. I would prefer more though because that's more interesting. Otherwise I need to make up my own and we all know how that will turn out...

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