Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ninja Panthers and Birthdays

So apparently my birthday is approaching really quickly. It snuck up on me. This whole month is pretty sneaky. I'm talking like, ninja panthers in the night sneaky.

I'm not really a birthday person. Probably pisses off everyone I know because I never seem to put as much enthusiasm into a birthday as everyone else wants me to. I try to for other people because its rude not to celebrate but I still never get all in a fuss about them. Anyways, the problem with this is that people want to buy me a gift and I really can't think of anything for them to get me.

See, the tablet my mom got me was amazing, but she snatched that up the second I thought of it which was good for her (and more for me) because now my brains empty. The things I really need people don't really want to buy. I am in desperate need of pants but people who are actually close enough to you don't always feel comfortable giving gift cards and I don't think I would suggest anyone purchase another person jeans. The only pants another person should buy or could even justify buying would be Roots sweatpants and that's because they are stitched with heaven and comfort.

Dave has now given me an ultimatum. If I don't think of something good, and fast, I am going to end up with another wiener dog. Which is most definitely just a present for him and that is not fair. If we get another dog it would need to be a pug with a smooshy face and then that would be fine. But even still, three dogs in our house might be a bit overwhelming or a bit awesome, haven't quite decided. But, puppies pee everywhere and tend to chew on things. Not that I own anything of value, but it is for such inconvenient. So I still don't know how I feel about that.

So I need to think of something awesome I want that is neat enough to count as a gift. I suggested he buy me pants but that involves him either going shopping or just handing me cash which I don't think is what he had in mind. I just really need pants? I should just go buy pants on my own, I really don't need an occasion to buy them if there is no material left covering half my thighs. That's just a hazard to society. No one needs to see that.

Anyways, this is probably the first of many posts today. I know I haven't gotten too many comments yet but if anyone out there in the Internet world has an excellent nerdy-type or awesome-and-a-half gift idea (not too expensive because surprisingly we cannot afford a spaceship) please let me know!

Ninja Panthers: A stealthy giant feline capable of throwing ninja-panther-stars and performing surprise scratch attacks.
Very heavily populated in Canada, tend to be in cahoots with the knife wielding hippo and other members of the Jungle Mafia.
And you thought Canada was all igloos and polar bears.
Watch out for polar bears though, they aren't as friendly as the Coke commercials lead you to believe.
Also, don't feed them coke. Then you would just have a hyper, deadly, enormous, face-eating bear on your hands.
I am rambling. BYE!

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  1. You should make a t-shirt combining all your animals in a Brady Bunch type square .. I think it would be fun, though you may need more animals first lol

    PS: its taken me about seven tries to get the stupid 'prove you arent a robot' question... *sigh*


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