Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady Dracula

Today when I was leaving work I saw the blood bank people set up in the lobby again.

I guess its good to give blood, and if I wasn't crazy terrified of needles I would probably do it. However, I have a horrible phobia of them, and phobias + anxiety disorder = extra crazy so its best to just ignore the blood bank people. So, take what you want when I die, kidneys, liver whatever (although I can't promise they are in good condition) but please let me keep my blood now?

However today, when I saw the blood bank people roaming around I began to think perhaps it was all a conspiracy and that they were all vampires.

This is how it happened.

Me: *zooming off the elevators because I am fast, and I almost run into the sneaky blood lady/ lady Dracula

Lady Dracula: Oh sorry dear, care to sign up to give blood

Me: *terrified look and backs away as I notice her super fangs* No thanks

Lady Dracula: Oh but its for... the good of all the people.

Me: *nervous face*

Lady Dracula: *shows teeth and turns into a bat clawing my face partially off and collects the blood in a tiny glass bowl, screeching out to the small flock of baby vampire bats on the desk so they can come drink the stupid girls face blood. Then Lady Dracula-bat soars up to the second floor balcony to harass the people of second cup and tell them how she tricked the stupid girl in the yellow shoes to give up all her face blood.* 

Needless to say I had a rough afternoon.

This totally happened... in my imagination.

It's dangerous up in there.

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