Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Money Saving Pandas

Gimmicks are sneaky and mean. And I know this. Why do I fall for them?

Me: "Buy two, get one free! Oh well that's an excellent deal!"

My logic: "But Tanya, you have no need for even one package of Panda food, let alone three. You don't even own a Panda"

Me: good point, I need to buy a panda then. Perhaps I will call him Thor."

Logic: "No, instead you should just stay away from the Panda supply store, how did you even find this place you live in Canada and its probably illegal to own a Panda"

Me: "So what your saying is I need to move to a country where there are many pandas? I should probably still stock up on food now because I bet where Pandas are readily available food sells out quickly. Its all about demand Mr. Logic, I am being responsible here."

Logic: "One day I will leave you forever and then you will end up at work without pants on, do you want that? Do you!"

Me: "oh calm down, I am practically saving money, that should be making you happy. I have saved you the cost of one whole package of Panda food."

Logic: "Except now you want to buy an entire Panda."

Me: "Maybe not an entire one, I am sure I can convince someone to go halfsies with  me. I will then only have to pay half. Do you see all the money I am saving you? I am a freaking hero."

Logic: "Hm, that's at least slightly more responsible. At least if you share you don't have to spend all your money. Fine buy the food and we will check ebay for a Panda."

And that's will never have any money. Stupid useless logic.

Thor the Panda. Hammering down the cost of food. (I should be in marketing.
 Also I could use my Panda as a Hollywood Panda and make back all the money I spent to buy/ship him to Canada.
 This deal is getting sweeter by the second.
Your welcome Logic.

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