Monday, August 13, 2012

Middle School Lies

So it seems to be Monday again. How did that happen so quickly.

I don't understand how the weekdays can go by so slowly but the weekend zooms by faster than a cheetah on steroids.

I am kind of starting to wonder if I am the only person who feels like this. I guess everyone else has been brainwashed into believing this is how life is supposed to be and I am just still stupid and optimistic that there is something better. I think in middle school/high school instead of saying "you can be anything you want to be" they should rephrase it to "if your parents are rich and you have a trust fund you can do whatever you want, the rest of you... buckle up your in for one hell of a boring and shitty life." At least that way kids won't have any expectations to be crushed when they finally leave that cozy and scary world of university.

You spend those four years of your life avoiding readings and skipping class and still somehow end up with a fancy piece of paper worth twenty grand and then for some reason you still want to go buy blue pencils and note books in August to get ready for next semester.

There is no next semester. I have to keep reminding myself of this due to my brain succeeding in completely blocking out all memories of graduation. Mostly as a coping mechanism for the good ol' anxiety disorder because any time I think about it I start to have a panic attack even though its been over for months, but also its blocking it out because it doesn't want to believe its over. The really funny thing right now, is that I have a fancy degree in psychology and I cannot remember the word for what I am describing... Hold on, I shall google it.

Goodness you can tell its Monday, is it honestly just Denial? I thought there was a different one for what I am thinking of.

Anyways, its only 7:50 am and I am already bored. Maybe I will just spend my day updating this because there has to be at least one other poor soul who is bored and was promised a much more interesting life by their grade six English teacher. Mrs. Cloutier, you lied.

Also, because I am at work you get old fashioned drawings. As always, feel free to leave suggestions for things you want to see and I will do my best. And if you think this post sucks, don't worry I will post more later I just found my little doodle of the week and thought I should post it before I forgot.

PS - when I took the picture of the drawing and emailed it to myself the number was 666. I thought that was pretty appropriate.

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  1. I have the wonderful treat of having two mondays - a real monday, where I have to go work at Pier One and clean my room and do a lot of chores for no reason. After that is what I like to call monday^2: my first government office day of the week (aka tuesday). I don't understand how people in the government don't waste more time on the internet each day. I always have an extra window open so I can actually do something. It's stupid.


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