Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Yet-Unnamed Team of Awesome

When you grow up with a group of cousins like the one that I have, there are certain things that are established. Me and my sister Sandy have two cousins from our dad's side of the family, the lovely Crystal and her brother Kris. Together we form an unbelievably dorky-awesome-and excellent team.

All of the things I think up to name things apparently already exist. The Internet is an endlessly frustrating place apparently. I am mildly disappointed now, and must think. Sandy, Crystal, help? We should probably have a team name. Its like when we were kids and made all our clubs.

You see, Sandy and I would go to Crystal's family's house as children often for family things or just for hanging out purposes. Every time we would hang out we would form a club. Mostly because we could never remember the previous week/months club name, and also because we were children and our attention spans were that of a puppy. So our clubs would vary every time we saw each other depending on how we were getting along that week. We would have sailor moon clubs, spice girl clubs, the I hate Kris club, etc, etc. (PS: Sorry Kris, but you were the most annoying kid. We like you now though, more so when you shower:D).

Other than making clubs, we spent a great deal - and by great I mean infinite and excessive- amounts of time playing Nintendo. Kris and Crystal were super fancy and had the N64 almost as soon as it came out. Me and Sandy were pretty excited because that meant we could play Mario Kart! (Also, it meant we got a super Nintendo from a different uncle because he no longer needed it, so double score!) I think I spent more time there then Sandy did because me and Crystal are and were always BFFs and also because anytime we had a big family dinner I would end up at Crystals house for a sleep over and Sandy hated sleep overs.

So when we would all play together it was extra complicated and specific how the playing was to occur. You see, Kris and Crystal only had three controllers. Three controllers, four kids. Luckily we were most of the time smart enough to just take turns. There is the rule to pass the controller along so everyone gets an equal number of turns. The problem with this is then you never have your desired character. I think they eventually got the four controllers, I cannot remember for sure.

I do know that on the days when I would go to Crystals alone, we would be having our glorious sleepover and then the ever present Kris would wander up and begin to play either Mario Kart or Mario Party with us. Which was fine, of course. But the would come lunch time. I am so so sorry to Godfathers Pizza, because we would call them the second they were open and order a pizza. So that seems normal and not unusual. The problem was, we were maximum 10 years old and did not have any real money. So we would scramble around collecting all our dimes, nickels and quarters that we either brought with us or found in Crystals parents rooms and then the poor pizza man would arrive with  our big ol'pizza and our 2L of Coke and be handed a pile of change, being promised it was enough. We always tried to tip too because we knew we would order again. The whole extra 45 cents I am sure ensured no one ever spit in our pizza.

You would think that would have taught us to have more money for pizza ordering, but no it just became like a challenge to see if we could gather enough money to get a pizza. We always felt bad for the poor delivery boy though. I am sure they would always be so disappointed when they answered the phone and heard three squeaky children on the other end. Also, what were we doing alone in a house? Maybe we were older then 10. I guess Kris is two years older then me. Either way, Sorry pizza people! We did love your food!

This is a long a boring way to say, I am hanging out with my yet-unnamed-group-of-awesome this weekend. Assuming that all goes according to plan.

I have no interesting things to discuss today, so suggestions would be nice!

We have capes because we are a team, like the Justice League, or the Avengers. except in the Avengers only Thor has a cape...
Whatever. we are still pretty awesome.

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