Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best. Grandparents. Ever.

So, I have the absolute best grandparents in the universe. Not only do they read this blog, which makes me nervous and happy all at once, but they gave me one of the most amazing gifts of all time.

Your argument is irrelevant I have a Batman action figure that is 2.5 feet tall.

When Batman is not saving Gotham from evil villains and terrible mob bosses, he likes to kick back and relax.

Batman prefers the support of an ergonomic chair.
Batman's favourite game is Lego Batman, closely followed by Lego Batman 2. He sometimes will play Arkham City however he finds the game a tad too realistic for down time.
Batman likes to check out how his blog, facebook, twitter and tumblr are doing on his Bat-Computer.
Batman likes to take some time to play with the dogs.

When Plushie-Catwoman visits he always has time to snuggle.

When plushie-Batman comes to visit it tends to get a little awkward for everyone.

Once Plushie Catwoman leaves, Batman can take a few minutes to do his aerobics.

You can't go out saving Gotham all night without getting tired some time.
Batman takes a nice relaxing bubble bath with mood candles that actually change colours.

Batman dries his .. hair? *Don't judge his messy room, Alfred has been suffering from narcolepsy lately due to stress*

Batman has a lot of hair products.

Reads his favourite comic book series. He is a bit behind but he has a lot on his plate so give him a break.

Batman has such a crush on Catwoman...

Batman makes a friend.  (Hi Colleen, hope you don't mind but Batman wanted to share his womanizing skills with the world.) Obviously she is infatuated. Who isn't though. 

Batman means some of the League of Awesome including but not limited to Freddie and the Mad Hatter

Freddie and Batman bond instantly over their shared love of being awesome.

Batman plays with other people's things.

Batman gets ready to update his blog with the details of his down time. *Don't judge his messy desk or he will round house kick you in the teeth*

That is all for now folks :) Also, leave me some questions for the upcoming Q&A post so that I don't have to make up questions like, Why are you so awesome? How does on join the League of Awesome? etc.


  1. Batman on the exercise ball...
    Best. Picture. Ever. LOL !!!!

  2. Batman is like the new rockstar version of Fillipe! How on earth did you get Grammie and Grampie to figure out Blogger?? lol

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