Friday, August 17, 2012

Skills, Talents and Lion Taming

Well, I still don't fully understand blogger stats because apparently today started at 8pm last night. Still fun to see where people are from. (Unless its all just weird ad things which is totally possible but either way just let me have my fun). Yesterday America beat Canada. That hasn't happened yet so that was kind of neat.

Anyways, I just read my sister's latest blog post and it was pretty insightful. She is right, there is a 100% difference between skill and talent. Skills are learned and developed over years of practice. Talent is for those assholes who can pick something up once and are suddenly amazing. Talented people are not always assholes I suppose, however not being one of them I think I am entitled to a tiny bit of jealousy.

I have skills, sure. I mean, no one can organize a binder quite like me. But how nice would it be to be a naturally talented person? To just wake up one day and say, "Well today, I think I will take up Lion Taming." and just instantly be amazing at it. That would be an impressive and useful skill I think. Not that I really fully approve of the circus, but we are getting off topic - which is obviously totally unlike me.

I really wonder how many of the Olympians are skilled and how many are just talented. I assume they are all a combination of the two. If you have the talent but not the commitment to improve the skills you'll go nowhere, and if you have no talent even though you practice really hard then that is pretty useless also.

The best thing about talent, is that it is usually something useless. Like people who can spin basketballs on their fingers, but aren't 12 feet tall so they will never joining the Harlem globe trotters and then that's a perfect example of a wasted talent. Mostly. Usually a waste of something would mean that it was not useless in the first place, but you can't expect me to be too clever in the morning otherwise this relationship will never work. What relationship, we're not in one? Well I beg to differ.

I don't think I have a useless talent. Which makes me sad. I should be the captain of all things useless. Unless Post-it art is a useless talent. I would classify that as a skill because its 100% useful and I have to actually work at it.You think hippos draw their own stabbing knives? No. They do not. 

I seem to have to work at everything I do, no matter how useless it is. For example, I spent a good portion of my childhood training my facial muscles to make the Elvis snarly-lip thing because my dad could do it and that seemed unfair. Or how I am pretty good at identifying miscellaneous actors in weird random roles and placing them in whatever movie they were in that I knew them from, but that involves a lot of watching movies and television which can be a lot of work when they suck.

So, what kind of talents do you have? Only of the useless variety, I really don't care if you can do a tripple-hoopity-skip-fancy-pants dive from twenty stories in the Olympics. I care more if you can belly flop from any height without it hurting, or if you can name all of the characters from every Disney movie ever - including their most well known song. The most useless talent will win a prize. It will be something awesome in the form of a drawing which we all know you want super badly. So leave me a comment with your useless talents. I think I turned off the robot protector because they are evil. I will leave it off until I start to get too many spam things. Take advantage now real humans! Comment away!!

Also, because I made a post last night without a drawing, I will give you one with no reading required shortly. But that's probably more dangerous then if it had context.


  1. For some reason, I am really ridiculously excited that my post spawned a post for you :D I feel special :)

  2. HOLY CRAP IT DIDNT ASK ME TO PROVE I WAS NOT A ROBOT!!! I hit publish and it DID! No questions asked... wow... that is so much easier than trying to decipher those stupid captcha things a million times....

  3. haha yes I turned it off for now. If I start getting all kinds of spam ill put it back on but for now they are juts tooooooo inconvenient

  4. I rarely am able to decipher those thingamadoowees on the first try LOL I noticed that last week also, just thought that maybe your blog "knew" me now and didn't need me to prove myself over and over again ! LOL

    as fas as "talents" versus "skills"... I have a talent for tripping/falling/bumping/scraping/wacking/cutting myself... basic "spaz" -itis... skills are more my photography and accounting I guess.. (bor-ring) LOL


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