Monday, August 27, 2012


Why are perfume ads so ridiculous?

Why are they always naked - or as close to naked as possible. I even heard it in an interview with some celebrity,  I don't remember who, who started a perfume and I think Ellen was confused by the ad and the person (Maybe Kate Walsh but I am not sure) said something of how the perfume people like having a lot of skin visible. Why? When I see skin it doesn't make me think they smell good? Also, as a woman, I would think that women's perfume would be what was targeted to me. I have no desires to look at a naked lady on the box of my perfume. That doesn't make me want to smell like anything.

If I see mostly naked JLo on an ad for perfume, it in no way makes me want her perfume, but in every way make me hate JLo for looking so amazing after having two kids. I haven't even had one kid and my ass will never look that good.

I just want to know where perfume companies thought up this idea. Is it some clever ploy created by the men in suits running the company?Are they in cahoots with the male photographers who want a chance to see some celebrity booty at work?

Here are some examples:

I mean, just... yeah.
At least she has Captain America?

Yes, here is that they told her "You will get to use this solid bottle to preserve your decency, AND GO!"

She may be clothed, but she isn't lying like that because its

Really? Not even a giant bottle to hide behind...


Of course, I often wear perfume when I am lying in the surf of the ocean.
 It is important for the sharks to know your fancy before they eat your left foot.

Photographer: "Here's the deal, we don't really want to even see your face.
We just need your skin to be visible as much as possible without it being in playboy.
Okay? Perfect."

Nothing like a good ol' side boob

Like really now, why even bother wearing the coat.
Clearly it is too warm out for this heavy of a jacket.
Models are always so overdressed.

This one is extra funny because Keira Knightly spoke out about it.
She said something about how she hates this ad because they photoshopped her in some boobs.
They hired her knowing that she was flat as an eight year old but the photographer was all,
"No we will use this hat to disguise the front and then I will add shadows to make it look as though
she hit puberty!"
Poor Keira.

Anyways, that's enough on my rant of perfume ads.

I just don't understand how naked Keira Knightly is supposed to make me want to smell of Chanel. I am sure the subliminal messages are working away at my brain. I do feel the strange urge to wear hats and bottles as clothing... I don't think that my brain is normal enough for advertising to work properly on me.

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