Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Advertising and Cows

Why do commercials always use such advanced and unrealistic fake computers? Do they think it makes them look like Iron Man? Because I'm 100% sure dentists don't have those kinds of computers to research toothbrushes. Or this online poker game commercial staring this Russian Vin Diesel looking guy - he for sure doesn't own a computer like this. Oh maybe he is french, and some kind of Rockette. He just did a very impressive high kick. So perhaps he does have that fancy computer. He is perhaps the French/Russian James Bond.

But to the dentists, I know you don't have those fancy computers. They don't exist I am pretty sure (unless your Russian/French James Bond). If they do, I want one.

Its only 8am, I have only been here for an hour and I am already bored.

The other day Dave drove to the Macs and as I sat in the car waiting for him to buy some canned energy, I saw the milk advertisement that featured a large picture of a cow. Now, I happen to like cows. I had a pet cow once, but I don't want to talk about that. I think cows are pretty cute in general. The Cow in this picture, I will henceforth name him Stewart, had the worse hair in the world.

Then I began to wonder to myself, was he having a bad hair day? Do all cows have this ridiculous of hair? I don't remember ever seeing a cow with hair before, is Stewart just an extra classy cow? Do cows ever get jealous of horses hair? and s one until Dave came back with his energy drink.

I just tried to find the ad and failed, but I did find some other lovely pictures to share.

This is like, the Cow version of Justin Beiber or that kid from the directions boy band

He has fancy highlights so he is clearly extra fancy.

Someone needs an ear hair trimmer.

This cow is clearly wearing a toupee. I mean, I don't know who this cow thinks he is kidding, but that is clearly not his hair.
He is clearly my favourite and I shall name him Maurice.
 So apparently cows have hair. And it almost always looks ridiculous. Just another reason to love cows, and the advertisements I see that make me google things like "cows with bad hair". (Yes I promise that is what I googled to find these).


  1. The first cow is called a Highland cow... they all have hair like that and are generally super cute. I met one once that was only a few weeks old, and it was really friendly like a dog... the people named it Zorro and trained it kind of like a horse :)

  2. I love that you googled cows with bad hair... I have trained you well grasshopper :) You shall continue my quest to google everything :)
    Eggggscellent :)
    p.s. Maurice looks a little pissed to be caught on camera having a bad hair (toupee) day


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