Monday, August 13, 2012

Newspaper Lions

Surprise! I am bored again. Big shocker I am sure of it.

I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to the nice old man who works for the Metro newspaper. I get off the bus and he has been there every day for a while now (sometimes it changes people) and he hands me my free paper. Now, on days when the bus parks too far or is closer to the box I tend to just get them there but he always looks so sad and disappointed I try to see him.

I feel bad for this elderly man. He is so friendly and smiles at everyone but most people don't even make eye contact with him. What has the world come to if you can't even be bothered to look someone in the eyes and say "no thanks" if you don't want a free newspaper.

Today when he gave me my paper he said "don't ever stop smiling" to me and it probably was the highlight of my day. I guess it is because I am a small-town girl from one of the last places believing in common decency, but I just think its nice to be nice. At least to strangers just trying to do their jobs. It truly seems like a crappy job.

So, downtown please try to be nice to the paper people. They mean no harm and usually are just cold and bored so just give them a polite nod if you can possibly can spare the energy. It's not like its a lion trying to eat you, it is a person trying to give you a newspaper. Calm down.

Side note- as great as this old man is I really miss the old one. I had the same paper guy for probably close to a year and he was so friendly and I think he knew what bus I was on because he would see it coming and walk closer to it to give me my paper. One day they were giving away samples of special K bars and he gave me a full box. He was the greatest. But the new guy is also grand.

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