Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts from Tim Hortons

So this afternoon I was stuck at a Tim Hortons for 45 minutes because I had to wait to go straight home. I took some notes once I got bored and thought I would share my Timmies experience. Here we go!

People here are strange. Or maybe I am strange. I am in a coffee shop without any coffee. But I just needed a place I could sit down. Anyways, moving on.

Things going on in timmies:
- girl trying to blow up a plastic glove
- really young girl dancing around
- the loudest man who glares at me every time i look around the room. I'm not looking at you asshole. I'm trying to scope out the snacks behind you. Yes take your cigarette outside.

I wish I brought my laptop, apparently Tims got free WIFI now.

You know people who can't walk in heels? They just should stop trying. And those who can, stop showing off its rude.

I really like the Wet floor guy on the little caution sign. I would like to draw a tiny banana under his slippy foot.

this isnt a real post, sorry!

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