Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love Harry Potter

So as it turns out, I tend to be too efficient at my job. I had the opportunity to have some work to do - albeit boring- but I probably could have done it slow enough to at least last me until lunch. Problem with that is, I have no patience to work slowly so I just get it done and move onto the next thing. The bigger problem is it is always so long until the next thing. So, point of this paragraph is I finished my work.

I guess I need to spend the rest of my day searching for a new job because this one ends in 20 more work days. Well that's terrifying... It didn't seem like such little time before, now that I know I probably didn't get the job from the interview (not 100% but I'm 99% sure I didn't get it) I guess I need to start looking again. I probably should never have started but I basically went into emotional survival mode where the only thing that my body is capable of doing is consuming enormous quantities of ice cream and brownie-cookies...

Listening to people talk here is exhausting. No one wants to take responsibility for anything so they end up talking in circles for five minutes before they take a breath leaving the other person confused if their question was answered. Most people just end up walking away pretending like it was answered but you know they are just more messed up then when they got there.

I think the funnest part about blogging is the stats. I really don't understand what these referral sites are for the most part but apparently its sending people in from Russia! So hello Russia, hope you are having fun. One day I would like to visit you but I am afraid its very far, and I am pretty poor. Also, if I go anywhere in the next year or so it will be to the Harry Potter World.

Ah, I suppose I keep mentioning how I am becoming a super nerd (and proud) in the last few years but I have never really explained what makes me a nerd. There are many things, obviously, but one of my more recent nerdy loves is Harry Potter.

Well last summer with all the hype of the Harry Potter movie I finally read all the books. I had read the first and most of the second one when they came out originally and loved them however I had a huge problem with attention in school and although never officially diagnosed with ADD, I couldn't sit still long enough to ever read until University. I honestly never read a single book all the way through in high school. I would read a bit in class when given the time but by grade twelve my teacher would make me sit in the hall to be away from the distracting posters. Little did she know my friend Alex had class right across the hall and our daily "reading" time was around the same time he always went for his ADD run. Seriously if it wasn't for Sparks notes I don't think I would have graduated. 

Anyways, last summer, with my newly developed capacity for reading I read/reread all the Harry Potter books and became one of the biggest potterheads around. I am sure I have pissed off many people due to my overwhelming excitement over anything Potter-related. Especially poor Crystal who has been trying to get me to read these books for years. Sorry Crystal, but now we can enjoy them together!

I went so far as to sign up for early registration to Pottermore and that involved a daily question at really weird times in a time zone not my own so you had to watch. Once I finally got it (I think on Day 5 or 7) I also signed Crystal up so I would have someone to be nerdy with. Pottermore boasted the ability to be sorted and that's all any Potter-lover wants I think. I think one of my biggest wishes in life is that Hogwarts was real and that I could go there.

After the months of waiting for Pottermore to let us in, (they were only allowing small numbers in every day because of all the glitches) I finally was welcomed in. The site is really neat in a quiet kind of way. It's not like a giant version of the Sims, or a role playing game, its just lovely interactive artwork to accompany each chapter of the books. But, once you get to certain points there is little things you get to do. I really enjoy the quizzes. The Wand is the first thing you get assigned that is personal. You answer questions such as Are you short for your age? Are you born on an even number or odd? Would you rather walk through a forest, beach or town? Really random things like that. I got an Apple wand with Phoenix Feather core 9 3/4 inches surprisingly swishy. The fun part is after you get your wand you can read all about what it means. Its like a personality test but not obvious so its fun.

A few chapters later you get sorted. When I went through that test it was very stressful. Not only are you trying to convince yourself that you will be happy no matter what you get, I was consistently concerned the site would freeze and kick me out again forever messing up my house selection. I answered as honestly and thoughtfully as I should, taking a lot of time on each question (probably more so than really necessary) and was sorted in the glorious RAVENCLAW! It is by far my favourite house and I don't think I could have been more surprised or happy that I actually got it. I was expecting Hufflepuff but in all honesty I am not that friendly nor do I have many friends so the fact that I got Ravenclaw was about as good as it gets in nerd-world.

After the sorting I kind of lost interest because the site was still so glitchy. I did finish the first book of moments and then left it so that all the other beta-testers could go be sorted without getting kicked out for it being too full.

Anyhow, this is a long and rambling unnecessary jumble of words to say that I am a Harry Potter Nerd and Proud.

Me and Crystal have been planning a nerdy trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios since we heard of its existence. Sandy also wants to go because everyone should want to go. I really want to go get a wand because I have seen video of their "Olivanders" and it looks amazing and I cannot wait.

So I should get back to looking for work to do, or another job. I will discuss more of the nerdy things about me soon! Maybe later if I run out of work again!

PS: I am sorry if there is no point to these, but I would rather be babbling about fun nerdy stuff then staring blankly at my email willing something to come in.

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  1. we should look into a trip to Universal studios / florida - maybe it's cheaper by the dozen? I would like to go also .... someday... it's warm there as I recall... or supposed to be... the last time (and only time) I ever went to Florida it was the coldest Feb in history and we were there during some car race thing that made all the parks ridiculously busy ... I'll keep dreaming for now....




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