Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canadian Money Confuses Me.

So I am still kind of bored. Not 100% sure what I should be pretending to do right now. I spent some time reading really back-dated entries of The Bloggess who may be among my favourite people in the universe. I felt I needed to close it once I got to the 100th page (I started at 80 so its not that bad guys) and snorted out loud about her take on Canadian money. I agree 100% and also would like to point out that one of the bills has a person on the back that looks exactly like Kate Goselin. I don't remember which because I am poor but I will google it.

I found it! I also remember the scenario on how I ended up with a 100$ bill.

Dave: Here is the money for our joint account

Me: Why are you giving me this fake garbage?

Dave: That is not fake?

Me: What the crap is it?

Dave: That is the new bills

Me: Why is it see through? What does this accomplish?

Dave: I don't know.

Me: Why is Kate Goselin on the back of our money, she's not even Canadian and she is not a scientist.

Dave: I don't know who that is but watch! *proceeds to attempt to rip bill in half* You can't rip them!

Me: Well maybe you cant *tries to rip and fails* I don't want to rip my money that is silly. I'm going to the bank.

Dave: *disapproving shaking of head*

Don't believe me? Who else would ever have that haircut?
 So I guess this deters the criminals from making fake money. Mostly because no self respecting criminal wants to print Kate Goselin on their currency. If I was a Mob boss making fake money I would probably make mine much cooler.

UPDATE: I should probably include a picture of Kate Goselin

Scientist in Canada?

Probably looks more acceptable to Americans then actual Canadian currency. And I for the most part agree.
Except, I almost never accidentally give the cashier the wrong bill because my shits colour coated.
Perhaps to further improve my current theme of currency we could match the colours with their houses.
However then Ravenclaw is getting a shitty deal because they are only 5$ but I mean, they aren't all about
the prestige so I am sure they would be fine with it. Besides Hufflepuffs need some hundred love.
I will be expecting my call shortly, I will lead my fellow Harry Potter lovers into a nation with colourful and creative currency.
  I need a job where I won't be turned into such a crazy?

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