Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Patience or Pool

I am already running out of things to use as my away time posts...

So I will describe to you how building things with Dave goes.

We bought one of those little mini-above ground pools that you just click together the sides but its 17 ft around so its big enough. It says its only 52 inches tall but its almost as tall as I am so that's kind of neat.

We bought it and then had to get my aunt to come pick it up for us because she is so nice. Then I had some shopping to do after so I let her take the car home and we borrowed her Jeep thingy. I had all this stuff to buy / Zellers is have all their blowout sales because soon enough it will be Target and while I am pretty excited for that, there are crazy good sales (aka our pool 40% off). Here's how my shopping trip went after we got back inside from loading the pool.

Me: I need to look around for a bit if that's okay.

Dave: Sure

Me: We needed a few things do you remember what we needed?

Dave: Nope... pool?

Me: Soon, just let me get a few things. Oh I needed sunglasses! (turn into sunglasses aisle, Dave disappears)

Find him five minutes later while I am looking for shampoo

Dave: Got my super glue ... pool?

Me: Soon! I needed other things, what were they?

Dave:Don't know, pool?

Me: Oh I need a chain for Sable for when she goes to Sandy's

Dave: Pool...

Few minutes later find the chain and few other things but can't remember some other things.

Dave: pooooooolllll pool pool pool pool ppoooolll

Me: *sigh* Fine, I will just come back tomorrow.

Dave: Yay! Pool!

We go home and start to set up the pool:

Dave: You read these instructions I will start to set it up.

Me: *reading instructions out loud... they make no sense*

Dave: I am instead going to make it look like the picture

Me: (few minutes in pool seems to be on an angle) Dave, we should pull it up a bit

Dave: *grumpy grumpy grumpy*

Me: Okay fine.


Dave: *calls me at work* the pool is on a bit of an angle, we have a deep end!

Me: I know I told you that yesterday

Dave: Oh okay.

Sometimes Internet, I am right. But, it is usually just easier to stay quiet when trying to build things with people who don't believe in instructions and are cranky... especially when its 30 degrees out.

PS: I caved and bought a tub of ice cream because it was super hot and I am basically on holidays. I must resist eating entire tub for dinner tonight... but I can't promise anything.

PS - I don't actually have a beard... for the most part.

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