Monday, August 6, 2012

Burnt by the Ocean

I am back the Internet. Clearly you missed me... OR at least I will pretend like you did. Not that you had a chance because I kept this thing filled with useless jabber even though I was gone. Sorry about that.

Anyways, so I suppose I will tell you a bit about my trip to get back into this!

I am going to start with something that happened at the end because I am so sad. I got a sunburn. And not just like, oh-she-looks-a-little-pink sunburn, I got crazy-so-burnt-her-whole-forehead-is-swollen-like-she-got-bad-botox sunburn. I can no longer move my eyebrows which if you know me, or even if you don't I will just tell you that basically the worst thing that you can take away from me is my capacity for making facial expressions. So my face hurts to say the least.

SO! Anyways, to the more fun stuff. Want to know how I got that sun burn? I was on a Zodiac boat tour of the ocean searching for whales! This boat tour was supposed to last for an hour and a half to two hours max but we couldn't find whales and this place had a money back guarantee so I think they didn't want to refund the money because we stayed out for a little over three hours. We did find whales at the end though! One of the coolest things I have ever seen.

 Yes, that is a baby whale that I have a picture of and was about five feet away from. Totally worth the excruciating face pain I think.

On this trip I saw something that made me really sad for the future. This one family on out boat didn't have a camera. They had an IPad and a Playbook. Now, I am sure the camera's on those are just lovely blahblahblah. But seriously? You are about to go out into the ocean and you are bringing your Ipad? Now, should they have been good about it maybe it wouldn't have been so annoying but they had one of those flip up cases on it and held it open directly in front of my view half the time. I just pity future children who won't know how to use a camera that isn't also a cellphone/computer.

Get out of my pictures stupid machines. (I know this doesn't look too bad but that is because I obviously didn't take pictures when she was all up in my way.)

I will have to give you a more intense day-by-day trip log and I totally promise I will, perhaps even tonight. But now, I need to go wash all my clothes because half are soaking wet and the other half I am terrified of being infested with bed bugs from the dingy motel we stayed in the last night.

So if anyone has any foolproof cures to sun burns I would love to hear them!

It is almost as though I have a superhero mask of burnt flesh.. however there is not a cool name I can come up with and I would still rather be Batgirl...

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