Friday, August 10, 2012

Plans and House Cats

I am one page view away from 200! That is pretty exciting! Even if it was my mother 196 of those times and S another 3 and C the other 1 its still 200 views and that makes me feel special in a silly egotistical way.

The next step would be if any of you readers are not directly related to me (or even if you are its nice to hear from you) please leave me some comments. Preferably not means ones because that's not always fun but let me know if there are things you want to me discuss, or if you want me to draw you a picture I will for sure attempt to.

In exciting technology news, I am currently looking into getting a tablet (the kind you draw on for computers) for my computer! This will allow me to make drawings that are 100% nicer to look at and way easier to transfer to a Tshirt for my store. Granted the market for a shirt with a singing Batman and Elvis may be limited, but at least I will be able to provide something new? I will keep you posted on this development. With my birthday approaching quickly it is a definite possibility. I have been interested in these things for years from when I used to do a lot of photo editing before my photography prof humiliated me after I quit his course due to a panic-attack-induced melt down. But either way, these little doodle-pads seem like an ideal if not excessively fancy tool that I could use to make all my pictures more impressive. Although I am sure that I will still have lots of post-it art and excellent paint drawings however the process of putting those onto merchandise in my store is practically impossible so once I figure out the tablet (should I get one) then I will make lots of things. Hence another reason to make requests...

I am not really sure what to talk about right now. None of this is going to make any sense because I am pretty distracted about thinking solely about the potential to see my doodles appearing on a neat shirt. Happy birthday dear sister, here is a shirt of an angry unicorn! Best sister ever award is sure to come my way.

I suppose I will clarify something: Dear Ipad people, I am aware that I recently was whining about people and technology, and how there's a bit too much of it everywhere. But the thing is, when you Ipad people bring your Ipad in its giant case on a tiny inflatable boat and flail its case in front of my view of the whales, that is not okay. Technology is an excellent thing. I am all about the technology - to an extent. I have my blackberry (granted its three years old but still somehow works). I have two laptops because I am too lazy to carry around my big one. I own three digital cameras of varying sizes. I have an Ipod that I got for free. I have a PVR because they are among my top ten favourite inventions. I am all about the technology. However I am all about technology at appropriate times.

How often have you walked down the street and seen some dumb person strolling with their Iphone attempting to type out some witty remark about how they liked something before it was cool and watched them walk into a sign/person/street filled with oncoming traffic?

How often have you been hanging out with a friend in the real-life world (aka in person) and they spend 90% of their time chatting with someone else on their phone?

The big thing when I was a teenager was that the Internet was just getting cool. I had dial up Internet and all we did was basically this. We all had out little blogs and would complain about how much we hated homework and how unfair it is that we weren't just like everyone else. But the thing was, when you had people over, there would always be one person who would sneak onto your computer and hang around on it. Its not like today where there is facebook, twitter, tumblr, YouTube, blogger etc. It was just google.. and neopets. I don't remember what I used to do. A lot of MSN chats I think. Neopets wasn't cool after grade 8 or so but everyone totally played with it when they were bored enough.

Anyways I have gotten off my lackluster topic.

The thing about technology, is people need to find the balance. When your with people, be WITH people. You don't need to look at your phone every second of every day. Granted I am guilty of this all the time, as the awkward silence and me don't do well because should my social anxiety flare up bad things happen so I look at my phone sometimes to keep my brain busy. Still, this is a lazy excuse to say I am addicted to my phone.

I just take a particular grudge with the Ipad people because its so excessively large, and so unnecessary and they tend to be the most absorbed techno-addicts and they scare me.

Anyways, enough whining about Ipads for a while. they can't be so bad... I have never even actually seen one close enough to touch. I just dislike the users. But in all reality, I dislike most people. Except you. You are reading this and have somehow made it to the end of this rambling post of garbage and whining. You will be rewarded in a future life by being reborn as a house cat. They totally have the best lives don't doubt me. I know Buddhists say human world is better for enlightenment and all, but cat-world dictates otherwise. I am not even a cat person and I know they have the sweet life.

For a secondary and probably slightly less annoying tangent, here are seven reasons why house cat is one of the best things to be reborn as:
  1. They sleep roughly 23 hours a day
  2. No one gets angry at them for sleeping
  3. They are cute (most of the time)
  4. The funnier they look the more cute they are
  5. People love to pet them (disclaimer, unless allergic)
  6. They are the King/Queen of the house (don't agree? tell me again how you scoop your cats crap. That's what I thought)
  7. They only need to be social when they feel like it, and no one gets angry at them if they decide to ignore you because that is just their nature.
I probably could think of many more, feel free to contribute in the comments but for now I must get back to some other things!

PS- spell check isn't working right now, I think it has lost all faith in me. Sorry for the likely disaster this has caused you and your grammatically inclined self.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who wanted to be reborn as a housecat!!! Cairo has the sweetest life.... another perk of being a housecat - even when you are chubby, people think its adorable and love and cuddle you more.

    - KingCat with condescending eyebrows needs a tshirt. Just saying :)

    Im glad you explained a tablet... because I had no idea what it was... seems like a nifty thing to have!


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