Sunday, August 5, 2012

Overheard at Walmart

Its like those "People of Walmart" pictures where they are wearing something horrific, except it was something this woman was babbling about. I can't remember the exact words but in all honesty, the ones you think I would be making up are the legit ones.

Me: *wandering around the clothing section after leaving work waiting for my ride to come*

Lady: Excuse me

Walmart Associate (who apparently missed basic training as normal ones have invisibility cloaks): Yes?

Lady: Can you help me find Capri's for Petite people *woman says in a disgruntled voice*

Me: *still looking around at clothes becoming intrigued by her apparently disgust*

Lady: Do you even sell clothes for petite people? I mean the sizing is completely different!

Me *notices woman is taller than me by a few inches, still short and probably "petite" but trying really hard not to laugh at her anger*

Walmart associate: *blank stare* I know we sell some, did you lo-

Lady: I looked everywhere, do you sell them or not? I have looked everywhere, Zellers, Walmart, none of you sell petite size Capri's.

Walmart associate: Oh well let me check over here *tries to look through rack of Capri's beside her that are clearly labelled petite*

Lady: Well those aren't short enough, don't you know that petite sizes are smaller? I mean they fit completely different. I don't know why no one makes them its so unfair.Its so prejudice. I could get a lawyer and sure because this is ridiculous and unfair. I just want some Capri's.

Me: *openly staring with mouth hanging open, realizes I am wearing Capri's, laughs. I am 5'2*

Lady: God, this is so unfair. *storms off*

Walmart Associate: *blank stare, shares a look of terror with me, turns and slowly walks away in complete shock*

So, dear lady who thinks she is too petite for the world. Almost all pants can be hemmed. Spend the 7$ and have them shortened if you are that picky. OR if you are that cheap, a lot of them can be rolled up and will stay rolled up. Or, look at stores that are actually clothing stores?

Anyways, this concludes the pre-written portion of this blog. I should be returning today if I didn't count wrong! See you soon!

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